Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Sarah B Beauty Photo Shoot

I have recently done a photo shoot with one of my regular clients Sarah, who is a model that I have worked with on a few photo shoots in the past.  Previously, I have done makeup for Sarah when shooting with my photographer friend Willis, however this time Sarah and I organized just a fun little shoot ourselves so that we could both use for building our portfolios.

Sarah is such a gorgeous girl and is the most easiest and fun model to work with, and she has had plenty of experience in modelling so that made my job a lot easier.  We started the day with hair and makeup at my studio, then decided to try some shadow and light photos which actually turned out quite nice.  Once it got a little warmer outside, we ventured our way to a park that had plenty of greenery and interesting structures and continued to take the remainder of our pictures there.

All hair, makeup, photography, styling and editing is done by me.  If you haven't seen more of my makeup and beauty work, then please visit my website

Until next time (which will probably be next week- as I have a shoot with Willis scheduled) I hope you enjoy the photos :)

Sarah xo

Monday, 23 June 2014

Fashion Blogger Photo Shoot- Oanh's Style Guide

Oanh is young entrepreneur who has a start up business in corporate shoe wear.  During the process of developing her shoe line, she has a fashion blogging website which focuses on corporate wear that compliments her journey of creating her corporate shoe line.

Our photo shoots are pretty fun and easy going and we usually start the day off with hair and makeup whilst discussing looks and trends for the month.  Many of our shoots are located at Southbank as the backdrop of the city in the distance and the various locations surrounding Southbank are very fitting for Oanh's style.  Here are some photos from of our first 2 shoots we've done- more to come when Oanh posts them on her site.  All details can be found at

Monday, 2 June 2014

Amanda's hair

So I've been a little dormant with my blogging but here is a shoot I did for my lovely Amanda who shaved her hair for the "World's Greatest Shave"

I've know Amanda since she was a young girl and she has always had gorgeous long, thick and wavy locks.  When she told me she was going to shave her hair for charity I was shocked because when I asked her if she knew anyone who had cancer she explained that she didn't know anyone who did, however that she would like to donate her hair to Pantene‎ (who take hair donations and create wigs for patients undergoing 
and raise money for this amazing charity, not because she or any of her loved ones were affected by cancer,
but because she wanted to just help people who were in need.

The first series of photos was taken about a week or two prior to the shave and then the shave was done at 
Bunnings Warehouse where Amanda works.  A few of her colleagues also shaved their hair that day.  

It's been a month or two since Amanda has shaved her hair and she has always rocked her new hairdo.  The first 
day she shaved her head, she even went out to a party.  

Anyway enjoy the pictures :) 
Hair, makeup and photography by me 

Day of the Shave